So you think you have what it takes to make something of yourself in the Empire of Free Cities, eh Rookie? Heh, You've got a lot to learn then. In a land as cutthroat as this, the world famous Masons and Brewers won't just follow any ol' coach blindly onto the pitch. Especially for a match as important as the finals of the Sovereign States Championship! So, slow down now, and don't get ahead of yourself quite yet. You've got until November 25 for Kick Off!, which leaves you plenty of time to start training and proving your worth to your Guild.

So, why don't you get ahead of your competition and start catching up on the latest news for Guild Ball? Word is the officials have already started leaking updates for Season 3. And you never know what you might hear when you keep your ear to ground in parts like these . . . 



In the Empire of the Free Cities, secrets wield tremendous power. So start hoarding Guild Ball secrets by catching up on the latest spoilers, teasers & updates—we hear Guild Ball officials like to post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! 


Kick Off! is the industry-leading starter set you've always wanted to see from a miniatures game. It's everything two aspiring coaches need to hit the field, including the field itself, and it releases November 25, 2016. 

GO-KO-Mockup4 (2).jpg


  • Kick Off! Rule Book   
  • Guild Ball Core Rule Book
  • Captain’s Handbook  
  • 3’x3’ Board, Double-Sided (Guild Themed) 
  • 12 Colored Plastic Models (Pre-assembled)  
  • Player Character Cards  
  • 128 Game Tokens  (including health dials!)
  • Measuring Tools and Templates 
  • Guild Ball Dice


MEET THE MASONS: They're Rock Solid With Chiseled Form

Framed in chiseled armor, the foundation of the Mason’s Guild is one of synergy, where every player builds on their teammate's talents to create a bastion of power. Brick and Mallet are your big bruisers. They strive to shelter their teammates and crush the opposition under a flurry of blows. Meanwhile, Harmony and Honour are the heart and hearth of the team. Working together, these midfielders drive the ball deep into the opposition's half of the pitch, creating scoring opportunities for their teammates. And Flint, the superstar striker, is a refined threat, who's always ready and waiting to add the finishing touch to the perfect drive.



Meet the Brewers: They're full bodied with a strong finish

Strong, tough, and thick skinned, the Brewer's Guild has more in common with hooligans than the professional clubs they square off against. Tapper and Hooper are a rich but refined pairing, best enjoyed by those with an aggressive taste. On the other hand, you have Stave, who brings a strong, sharp bitterness to the fermented kegs he hurls at the opposition. The most commercially successful Brewer in recent memory, Spigot, is an acquired taste that your opponents will likely find difficult to appreciate. And then there's Friday. She brings a typically smooth and clean playstyle to the sometimes cloudy team, but don’t let her smoothness fool you. She has quite the kick.


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